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Temporary Heat Solutions

Temporary Heat Solutions for Your Job Sites

The weather can really wreak havoc when your business is working on a construction or renovation project.

In fact, cold weather can create all kinds of problems at a job site.

  • Solvents and water in paint can freeze and make drying and curing time longer. Some paints may become too thick to apply.
  • Plaster can freeze, weakening to the point where it may come off the surface at the slightest touch.
  • Stucco that freezes within the first 48 hours of application will be compromised, because the excess water in it will expand when it freezes, which can negatively affect its durability and strength.
  • Ice crystals can weaken both concrete and bricks.
  • If there’s existing plumbing at a renovation site, cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst.
  • Joint compound and spackle don’t adhere properly to drywall.
  • Equipment may not run properly.
  • Workers are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite. And ice on surfaces may cause slips and falls.
  • Labor costs are driven up by the affects that cold weather can have on your materials and because of the extra time needed to finish jobs. 

ProGas has a solution to your cold-weather challenges: Propane & Natural Gas-powered temporary heaters. We have many years of experience in helping businesses all around the Tri-State area manage their temporary heating needs. We know what winters are like here, and we can help you work through them.

Construction Site Tank Delivery

We have years of experience in taking care of temporary heating needs in the construction sector, and we’re well equipped to overcome challenges, especially during the most severe winters in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Any Size Project

Our temporary heat services, including full hookup and leak check, are designed to make us your single source for your fuel requirements, whether your project is a small single-family residence, a condominium complex, a school, a municipal building or an office park.

Extensive Inventory

We carry an extensive inventory of 100-pound propane containers. All 100-pound containers are filled at our plants and transported to your job site. Each container conforms to NFPA 58 safety codes and OSHA regulations.

Whatever the size of your project—from a small home renovation to a large commercial construction project like an office park—ProGas can provide temporary heating equipment for the job. We have several kinds of portable heaters, including direct-fire and box style fueled by both propane, or natural gas.

Being a leader in the Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia Tri-State area in propane delivery, ProGas can also set you up with propane and propane tanks. We have portable tanks ranging in size from 100-pound cylinders to 1,000-gallon bulk propane storage tanks. We deliver the 100-pound cylinders to your job site already filled. Our delivery trucks come with power tailgates that make delivery and exchanges fast and easy. For the larger bulk propane storage tanks, the ProGas mobile fleet can go to your job site to refill them.

We’re Your Local Temporary Heating Professionals

ProGas is your one-stop shop for all things related to temporary heating. In addition to the temporary heaters themselves, we have the various hoses, carts and manifolds to go with them. We also offer temporary air conditioners, space heaters, dehumidifiers and fans. A ground-thaw unit can help you cure concrete, thaw the ground for digging and excavating, prevent frost from forming on the ground and other surfaces, and warm the air around it for outdoor work.

You also get a full hookup and leak check. The trained professionals at ProGas are committed to safety. Our portable tanks and cylinders all feature a protective construction collar as well as a bottom ring, which is designed to provide better stability when the container is in service, or in storage awaiting use. All of our propane cylinders and tanks conform to the liquid petroleum gas safety codes from the National Fire Protection Association (also known as NFPA 58) and to regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

When you need temporary heat in PA, WV or OH, get in touch with the trained professionals at ProGas, and we’ll help you keep your construction or renovation project moving forward.