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Propane Tanks

Propane Tanks

Propane Tank Installations in Western Pennsylvania

Rely on Us for Top-Quality Propane Tank Installation and Propane Tank Maintenance Services!

Are you building a new home and looking to use propane for heating or other appliances?

Are you renovating your home and planning to incorporate propane appliances?

Is your current propane tank inadequate for your home’s needs, or starting to show its age?

If any of these questions fit your current situation, it’s time to call on ProGas for our propane tank services.

We Carry Propane Tanks of All Shapes and Sizes

ProGas carries a variety of tank sizes and styles and can set you up with one that will work with whatever your home’s propane needs are.

We have tanks small enough for homes that are only using propane for a few appliances, like cooktops, ranges, ovens and clothes dryers. We have tanks big enough to handle heating and appliances for an estate-sized home. And we have tanks for everything in between, both aboveground and underground. Here’s what we offer:

  • 120-gallon tanks: These tanks are designed to meet the needs of an average-sized home that is only using propane for appliances such as ranges, ovens, cooktops, space heaters, clothes dryers and fireplaces. It’s the right size for homes that use about 50 gallons of propane per month. This size tank only comes in an aboveground model.
  • 500-gallon tanks: If you are using propane to heat your home, this is the size of tank for you. A 500-gallon tank is for homes that average between 100 and 200 gallons of propane a month. You can choose between an aboveground or an underground tank.
  • 1,000-gallon (and larger) tanks: If your home is a large residential estate where you’re not only heating your home and hot water with propane but running lots of propane appliances, like fireplaces, clothes dryers, cooktops, ovens, ranges, cast-iron stoves and space heaters, you’ll need at least a 1,000-gallon tank. You have the choice of an underground or an aboveground tank.

The propane experts at ProGas will work with you to determine the right size and style of propane tank for your home, and can handle everything else, from arranging installation to setting up how you want to handle propane tank refills. You can choose from our Keep Full automatic delivery service (ProGas tracks your home’s propane usage and sets up a tank refill before you run out), or our Will Call system (you monitor your propane tank levels and set up a propane delivery on your schedule).

Are you looking for a 20-pound propane cylinder for your outdoor barbecue grill? You can get a new tank, or exchange your old cylinder for a new one, at one of our many propane cylinder exchanges at convenience stores throughout the Tri-State area.

Should I Lease or Buy My Propane Tank?

When you decide to get your propane and propane tank from ProGas, we always recommend that you lease your tank instead of buy it. Why? Because it gives you a whole lot less to worry about.

When you lease from ProGas, our trained professionals handle all propane tank maintenance. They are also experts in propane and propane tank safety.

Buying and installing a propane tank on your own can cost you thousands of dollars up front, depending on the tank’s size and any installation issues that may arise, like clearing and leveling land. And then you will be solely responsible for maintenance, repairs and making sure that everything is properly and safely installed.

The trained professionals at ProGas can answer all your questions about propane tanks for your home. If you’re looking for a company to handle your propane tank installation and propane tank refills in PA, WV or OH, contact ProGas and become a customer today!