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Propane Autogas Services and Supply in Western Pennsylvania

Save on Fuel Costs With Propane Autogas

More fleet managers are discovering the propane autogas advantage, from airport shuttles to delivery trucks to school buses to farm equipment. Every day, businesses are turning to propane autogas as a clean, green, economical alternative to gasoline and diesel for their light- and medium-duty fleets.

We’re Your Complete Local Autogas Services Supplier

Partner with ProGas and you will save time and improve your bottom line. We can refer you to a trusted company that can convert your commercial fleet to clean, efficient propane motor fuels.

Once you do that, we can set you up with a propane dispensing station on your property, or schedule regular on-site fueling by our delivery trucks.

Let Progas Drive Your Business Forward

Take advantage of some of the best refueling options through ProGas. We can install a self-contained Advantage propane autogas refilling station on your property.

  • Easy installation at minimal cost
  • Ease of use
  • Optional fuel-tracking software (tank monitoring)
  • Safe; no spillage
  • Minimal risk of theft

We Can Install Propane Autogas Fueling Systems—Right On-Site

We make the installation process of your fleet’s propane refueling station simple and straightforward. ADVANTAGE AutoGas designs and installs your propane fueling system and we manage the process from start to finish.

We can have your refueling station installed in a matter of weeks once you commit to join our program.

Most refueling stations consist of a self-contained single above-ground storage tank and a dispenser with a meter for tracking usage. It can look like a traditional gasoline pump or come with just a basic hose and nozzle enclosed in a tamper-proof cabinet.

Why Should You Switch to Propane Autogas?

  • Savings. Propane historically costs less per gallon than gasoline and diesel. Even when you factor in the initial cost to convert your vehicles or add new ones, your long-term savings on both fuel and maintenance will put you ahead of the game.
  • Cleaner air. Autogas-powered vehicles produce lower emissions, including 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides and 10% less carbon dioxide.
  • Longer engine life. Because autogas burns so cleanly, your vehicles will require less frequent maintenance and their engine life will be extended.
  • Better vehicle performance. Propane autogas delivers power equivalent to gasoline or diesel in even the heaviest applications while providing superior performance. Autogas gives you the longest driving range of any alternative fuel available today.
  • A safe choice. Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks—even police departments use them. Propane engine fuel systems also have many passive safety devices.

Contact ProGas today to learn more about our propane autogas services in the greater Pittsburgh area. We will be happy to calculate your savings when you make the move to propane autogas.