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Equal Pay Budget Benefits

More than half of your annual heating expense occurs during the coldest winter months.  If you “pay as you go for propane,” the winter months could bring payments that put a strain on your family budget.  ProPay simplifies paying by spreading your heating cost equally throughout the year.

Equal payment budget plan allows you to spread your payments equally over a ten (12) month period.  We determine the amount by dividing the total cost of your last year’s propane consumption and a pre-determined cost of propane.  Of course adjustments to this method may be required because of changing propane cost, changing weather patterns, (additions made to your living space and additional gas appliances).

Your equal payment account is reviewed on a regular basis: if your payments are out of line with your propane consumption, the monthly installments will be revised.

There is no enrollment fee, and no finance or credit charges with paid on time accounts.


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