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Advantage AutoGas

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FLEET OWNERS: Start Saving Money NOW!

Benefits of AutoGas:

AutoGas is a safe, clean, and inexpensive way for you to save
money on vehicular costs. Propane costs less than gasoline, and
still offers a comparable driving range to conventional fuel. It
allows fleets to save money through lowered operating and fuel
cost while reducing emissions without sacrificing performance.
You may also qualify for state and municipal tax incentives.

Using AutoGas vehicles reduces the U.S. dependence on
foreign oil, in turn increasing energy security here in our country.
Common vehicles that use propane are fleets, street sweepers,
school buses, pick-up trucks, and taxis.

According to the Energy Department, in the United States alone,
more than 270,000 buses, taxis, delivery trucks, and other fleet
vehicles fueled by propane autogas are on the job today.

Propane: Clean burning, domestically produced, lowest start-up cost, most realistic for public and private vehicle fleets, low at-pump price.

CNG: Clean burning, domestically produced, higher start-up cost,
best for heavy-duty application, low at-pump price.

Gasoline: Higher emissions, foreign dependence for production,
highest at-pump price.

ADVANTAGE AutoGas is brought to you by the ProGas, Inc.
family. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products
and services to our customers. Our highly experienced staff has
the necessary tools to assist you with all of your needs. Join our
family of satisfied customers today!

AutoGas Fuel Comparison for 2012:
Average US Savings for Propane
When Compared to Gasoline Per Gallon

* Average savings of $1.50 per gallon. The figures used for this graph reflect the national averages for both autogas and retail gasoline prices as listed by the Butane-Propane News and the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
ADVANTAGE AutoGas helps fleets
switch to clean burning, less expensive,
propane AutoGas - The world’s most
popular alternative fuel.


AutoGas fleets save an average of $1.50
per gallon on fuel cost.

Driving on AutoGas can reduce your
greenhouse gas emissions by
approximately 25%.

98% of propane is American-made, so
switching to propane AutoGas will reduce
our dependence on foreign oil.

Let ADVANTAGE AutoGas calculate
your fleets estimated annual fuel cost

Please contact us for additional
information on how you can benefit from
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